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The ‘Amazing Plants’ is one of the museum’s exhibits room .


The Amazing Plants exhibits focuses on the beautiful, and sometimes deadly nature of plants in the world. According to the museum blueprints, the room is apparently a greenhouse. The general appearance of the room gives the feel like it is overgrown with plants, with mock ivy above the only door in the room. With the jungle feel, there are also models of lost cities and moai statuettes. The center of the room floor has the model of an ancient pyramid structure. Just by the door to the room, there is a recording stating of the dual nature of the Flora Kingdom.


While being one of the main exhibit rooms, this room is actually lacking any real exhibits. However, on either side of the door is shelves with various items used as planting pots. Also, one the walls left and right of the door, there are areas for displays. On the one side, there is a model temple or settlement reminiscent of Mayans or Incas, flanked by moai statuette. In the other, there is a pile of sand, as if it were about to be setup for a similar model.


Door to the Strange Beasts Exhibit

One enters the room only through the Strange Beasts exhibit, and it's its only exit, as this room is essentially a dead-end.

Hiding Spots[]

There are only two hiding spots in the Amazing Plants room.


This is where the vessel for the Ash Ixupi will be found, on the empty shelf

There is only one vessel hiding spot in the Amazing Plants room, the shelf that holds the vessel for the Ash Ixupi. Because it is amongst all the vessels for potting plants, it could be easily overlooked.


This is the sand mound that the Sand Ixupi will hide in.

The only place for an Ixupi to hide in the Amazing Plants Exhibit is the sand pile. This is an obvious hiding spot for the Sand Ixupi, and should be easily avoidable until capturing the Sand Ixupi.

Things Amiss[]

One of the few odd things here that might signify that things are amiss is a little oddness involving one of the plants. From the right spot, one of the plants appears to shake. What causes this is unknown.

Also, one of the twin pyramid models facing the entrance has been toppled over - we can see part of its pedestal, and the pyramid itself rests on the floor. It was most likely done accidentally be Merrick (we know he was running from the Ixupi through Strange Beasts room and towards this room).